Hi, I’m Carlos Rodriguez .

I build software at home in Watsonville, California, United States .
I'm a Creator , a Hacker , an Open Source Giver , an Entrepreneur , a Human-rights and Privacy Advocate , an Audiophile and Musician , an Amateur Historian/Private Investigator , and an overall Mad Scientist for peace.

I believe the next 100 years will be a time of great struggle, and I am working for a transparent and harmonious future, where software and scientific tools are free, academia and education is non-biased, human rights are well-documented, universal and guaranteed, and all types of discrimination and oppression are erased and completely forgotton. I'm humbled to be a small part of one of the very few intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy.

“I stepped inside and went straight for the canisters” — Ferdinand Brandon, July 11th 2006


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by Carlos Rodriguez

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Introducing M.I.A., the Machine-learning Investment Appliance from the Future!

M.I.A. Product Shot

Download the M.I.A. one-page PDF, perfect for crypto drinks

The Machine-learning Investment Appliance

By Carlos Rodriguez <carlos@S8F.org>, June 5th 2018.

Decrypting A Message from the Future…

It’s the future, and we no longer have day jobs. We have ROBOTS that create and maintain Automated Investments, which are controlled by crypto-currency and security trading algorithms that us humans can’t even understand. What we do understand, is that they are so efficient, it’s a guaranteed system to make profits from N starting capital.

The result is what we call Universal Basic Income. The ROBOTS took all our day jobs, so what we are left with, is simply the choice of WHAT to invest our savings in. We simply buy a tiny $200 appliance called “M.I.A.” on Amazon, send it Bitcoins periodically, and we get back way more Bitcoins than we put in. And because of her, we do a lot of partying and slacking off. Cheers!

Ready to get Plug-&-PAID?

  • Buy a 4”x2” IOT micro-appliance, known as “M.I.A.” from GetMIA.io, for $275 fully assembled.
  • Power it with a USB cable (or battery pack) and connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
  • MIA creates a locally-hosted Bitcoin wallet, and a BTC address (or choose your crypto-currency) for you send coins to, and displays the QR code on her 3.5” touch screen. Control MIA with a built-in webserver/GUI, or SSH/VNC for nerds.
  • Send her capital, and she invests using a strategy you can choose from some presets. These presets are the statistically most profitable algorithms on the ZalgoNet “SWARM” p2p network, sorted by projected risk, based on empirical, anonymized telemetry results. Through SWARM, she works with and benefts from other MIA’s anonymously, creating a hive-mind mesh network.
  • M.I.A. invests your BTC with artificially-intelligent day trading algorithms and “smart” hedgefunding, communicating directly with exchanges using API keys you’ve entered into the GUI.
  • Any profits are sent to you as daily payments to a BTC address of your choosing.
  • Go party!

Meshed online learning for the Everyman.

Online Machine-Learning will liberate mankind one day. The problem is that currently, it’s just TOO DAMN HARD for the Everyman to set up or even understand. Thus, as of yet, those who beneft from Machine Learning are the Big Corps and Govt’s. MIA Changes this by making it trivial to use the vast powers of Intelligent ROBOTS for immediate gain, thus granting financial stability to all.

Beneficial Side-effect: A massive increase in market participation, and liquidity.

With the Average Joe in 3rd world countries investing his wages in global markets, get ready for a huge tidal wave of liquidity. Suddenly, struggling markets will spring to new life. And this is just the beginning.

Thanks, MIA!

https:// → Bot18.net (core functionality, now taking Beta testers!)

https:// → GetMIA.io (buy a M.I.A., coming soon!)

https:// → Zalgo.net (p2p network, coming soon!)

Patents pending.

ありがとございます SN.

The probabilities of finding aliens in our galaxy

According to Drake Equation estimates, the closest aliens in our own galaxy are likely to be about 21,000 light-years away. That means it will take 21 thousand years for our signals to reach them, and 21 thousand years to wait for a response. By the time we get a response, they may be all dead, or we may be all dead. That is some serious PING time!

Aliens may very well exist, in fact their existence may be a probabilistic certainty. But in all likelihood, one civilization won’t know about the other(s) unless it has existed for over 42 thousand years, and the foreign one has existed for at least 21 thousand years.

That is all assuming that both civilizations are actively trying to contact each other, and listen for any possible transmissions, and can decipher such transmissions meaningfully and concoct and transmit a logical response.

Assuming a civilization broadcasts messages for an average of 10,000 years, there may be about 22 currently broadcasting civilizations in our galaxy. Assuming 500 years (which may be much more realistic, since we’ve only been broadcasting for less than 100 years), there may be just 1.2 civilizations – Ours.