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“I stepped inside and went straight for the canisters”

What is s8f.org?

This is the personal website of me, Carlos Rodriguez "carlos8f".


My name is Carlos Rodriguez and I’m a 30-something hacker/musician living in Watsonville, California.

I enjoy coffee, reading, hacking on the $bash console, playing music and making lame jokes. Sports I like are disc golf, hockey (go Sharks!), MMA, racquetball and people-watching.

I was a co-founder of Terra Eclipse, Inc., and now I run my own business, ZalgoNet (software for high-frequency trading of crypto-currencies). I am not for hire.

About the name

s8f.org logo

The name for this site (and my nickname) come from a brilliant piece of spam I once received entitled “S8F”. Aside from being complete genius (finally a piece of spam that wasn’t trying to sell me something), it also included bits of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a book I’m quite fond of. References to the ‘canisters’ seems to echo into eternity. I chose the faded logo image of s8f.org from a 60’s era pamphlet put out by the U.S. government, depicting a scientist servicing parts of a nuclear reactor. This is my interpretation of “I stepped inside and went straight for the canisters.”

You can click on the image below, to view my original album of music, Music + Pictures on Spotify. Thanks for visiting!

Carlos Rodriguez (carlos8f)

scientist servicing a nuclear reactor



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